Under-17s Australian Championships – Day 5 Wrap

Under-17s Australian Championships – Day 5 Wrap

After days of extreme heat and rain, day five of the under-17s national championships was an uninterrupted day, allowing the competition to get back on schedule.

A massive 15 games were completed with the NSW girls and Queensland boys remaining undefeated in their respective competitions. The Queensland girls and NSW boys both sit in second as well with a State of Origin semi-final double header set from 5pm.

It was moving day for Victoria who won two games and were very competitive against NSW despite currently sitting fifth in the competition. NSW claimed a 4-1 win before defeating Queensland 5-1 in a great game to wrap up the night.

The NSW boys are looking for a weakness in the Queensland armour but fell to a third loss in the competition with an 8-1 defeat early in the day. The boys bounced back in the evening session with a 7-2 win over Victoria before lending their voices in support of the girls team.

Games start at 10am but semi finals begin at 5.30pm, starting with the girls before the boys start at 8pm ahead of the final medal deciding day on Friday.

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Results – Day 5


Fixtures – Day 6 – Thursday, January 11


Boys – Victoria Vs Queensland
Girls – ACT Vs Victoria
Girls – NSW Vs Western Australia
Girls – Queensland Vs South Australia


Boys – NSW Vs ACT
Boys – Western Australia Vs Queensland


Boys – NSW Vs Western Australia
Boys – ACT Vs Victoria
Girls – Fifth Vs Sixth (for position)

5.30pm – Semi Finals

Girls – First Vs Second
Girls – Third Vs Fourth

8pm – Semi Finals

Boys – First Vs Second
Boys – Third Vs Fourth