U18 Men strong start at the 2020 National Championship.

U18 Men strong start at the 2020 National Championship.

It was a strong start for the boys in Blue at the 2020 Australian U18 Men’s Championship at Blacktown International Sportspark.

Game 1 saw the NSW Team up against WA and it was the Blues to put the 1st run of the championship on the board in the bottom of the 1st courtesy of an infield single to Jeremy Garland followed up with a single to Boston Lowe to score Garland.

The 2nd innings was where the team showed that they are a team to be reckoned with putting on 4 runs with lead off Josh Banks putting the ball over the fence at his first at bat of the championship. Zac Roberts, Caden Keed and Jeremy Garland all had safe hits to add to the score.

It was Josh Banks the lead off in the 3rd and it was a replay of the previous innings with Banks clearing the fence for his second Home Run of the game. Jeremy Garland hit another over to take him to 3 for 3 for the game.

NSW scored only one in the 4th but it was enough to finish the game in the 5th on the run ahead rule 9 – 1.

Game 2 was delayed after Victoria and ACT played a game that went well over 2 and a half hours but the NSW Team were patient and came out all guns blazing with Jake Gleeson and Zane Howarth hitting a home run each in the 1st innings.

7 runs scored in the bottom of the second innings courtesy of hits from Jake Gleeson, Zane Howarth, Klay Kilpatrick, Ethan Field, Jack Besgrove and Caden Keed taking the score to 9 – 0.

3 hits to Jake Gleeson, Zane Howarth and Jack Besgrove added 2 more runs in the 3rd and with hits to Blake Bequet and Caden Keed the 12th run was scored and the game finished in 4 innings 12 – 2.

NSW Head Coach Peter Rainer was happy with day 1 but stressed there is a long way to go in the championship and the team will need to continue their strong showing at the plate for the next round of game.

Monday’s Game schedule:

2pm Vic v Qld                                      

2pm NSW v ACT                                   

4:30pm Vic v WA                                 

7pm NSW v Qld                                   

7pm ACT v WA

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