U15 Metro Teams Announced

U15 Metro Teams Announced

The following Metro players have been selected to play in the 2019 Australian U15 Regional Championship

Metro Green Girl’s Team                          

Amelia Cousins                     Cumberland Nepean

Tara Ferris                             Hornsby

Matilda Gibbons                   North Shore

Abbey Hart                             Macarthur

Portia Hawe De Thierry      Sutherland

Annalise Kemp                      Hornsby

Kirra McIntosh                      North Shore

Abbie Morris                          Manly Warringah

Sophie O’Connor                   Manly Warringah

Erin Partridge                        North Shore

Gisele Petalio Conte              Hornsby

Grace Prior                              Sutherland

Keira Trim                               Manly Warringah

Molly Wilde                            Cumberland Nepean

Wayne Frost                           Head Coach

Kylie MacFadzean                 Assistant Coach

Sarah Diener                          Assistant Coach

Maureen Diener                    Manager

Sylvia Kohut                           Statistician


Metro Orange Girl’s Team                        

Chelsea Bennett                     Manly Warringah

Samantha Chew                     North Shore

Ava Chitty                               North Shore

Breanna Feeney                     Penrith City

Tina Horton                            Macarthur

Teina Leung                            Sutherland

Tallulah Lewis                        Manly Warringah

Elise Ovens                             North Shore

Monica Pettitt                        North Shore

Ocean Pounsett                      Manly Warringah

Jorja Ryan                               Macarthur

Bronte Sheppard                    Sutherland

Hannah Trevena                     Macarthur

Paula Zaballero                       Macarthur

Scott Ladner                            Head Coach

Ray Gavin                                 Assistant Coach

Jack Rauhihi                            Assistant Coach

Leisa Ladner                            Manager

Tonianne Ryan                        Statistician


Metro Green Boy’s Team

Oscar Atkins                            Penrith City

Zane Brown                             Campbelltown

Timothy Gleeson                    Macarthur

Evan Halliburton                   Macarthur

Lachlan Hort                          Macarthur

Nicholas Hunter                    Macarthur

Kadyn Judd                            Sutherland

Bobbi McFadden                   Georges River

Dreymon Palma                     Sutherland

Markus Robar                         Penirth City

Ethan Roberts                         Southern Districts

Oliver Stewart                         Macarthur

Evan Wulff                               Macarthur

Alex Cooper                             Head Coach

Rachel Feeney                         Assistant Coach

Michael Thorne                       Assistant Coach

Maree Gleeson                         Manager

Daniella Palma                        Statistician


Metro Orange Boy’s Team                       

Jayden Beckwith                     Penrith City

Riley Binns                               Sutherland

Scott Browne                            Sutherland

Jackson Bury                           Penrith City

Dylan De Bono                        Cumberland Nepean

Cooper Easthorpe                   Penrith City

Liam Kelly                                Macarthur

Jack Kumnick                          Macarthur

Dante Machiavello                  Macarthur

Riley McGettigan                     Southern Districts

Mehdi Rizvi                               Southern Districts

Christopher Sotiropoulos       Georges River

Riley Sutcliffe                            Macarthur

Will Lutke                                  Head Coach

Mal Nunn                                   Assistant Coach