Tru Blue on Anzac Day

Tru Blue on Anzac Day

Softball NSW is proud to announce that this upcoming ANZAC DAY, we will be hosting a  Tru-Blue Fastpitch Series involving the Under 16’s and Under 18’s NSW Girls. This event showcases the talents of both our Under 16’s and 18’s Girls as they battle it out throughout the day. 

The event will be held at Blacktown International Sportspark with the event starting at 11.30am with the first game commencing at 12.30pm with the last game of the day kicking off at 4.30pm.

Players and spectators please ensure that they have arrived at the arena at least an hour in advance that way we can assure everyone a 11.30 kickoff time.

Games will be played on Diamond 1 and II, with games on Diamond I being live streamed on Softball NSW Facebook page.

Whilst the day is about displaying the many talents of our NSW Girls, this event is also about us remembering and paying our respects to all those who gave up their lives for us to ensure that we live in the country we do today.

 ANZAC Day is a day that here at Softball NSW we value dearly and being able to hold an event on ANZAC Day fills us with great privilege and we hope to see as many of you as possible to help us celebrate such an important day with lots of fun and plenty of excitement on the diamond!