Urgent Covid-19 Update: Spectators Restricted & Association/Club Safety Plan Updates

Urgent Covid-19 Update: Spectators Restricted & Association/Club Safety Plan Updates

Through the NSW Office of Sport, Softball NSW has received correspondence from Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, advising that NSW Health will be updating the COVID-19 Safety Plan templates as a result of the rising case numbers in NSW.

The Softball NSW Safety Plan Templates that have been promoted throughout the community have been built off these templates and therefore will require changes.

The letter documents the key changes that will need to be implemented by community sport organisations as a matter of priority.

Download: Chief Health Officer Community Sport Letter

Please note, sport and recreation organisations will be required to ‘take all reasonable steps to minimise the number of spectators attending community sport events’.

 What will Associations and Clubs need to do?

All Associations and Clubs will need to update their COVID-19 Safety Plans detailing the actions that will be put in place to address these additional requirements.

The Office of Sport are asking that all community sport organisers to put plans in place to minimise community sport spectators to parents and carers only where practical. Measures that could be used to assist with implementing this may include:

  • Limiting entry to indoor facilities and fenced venues to one person per participant at junior sport where practical
  • Restricting spectator entry at adult community sport
  • Distributing communications to participant databases via e-newsletters, social media and organisations’ websites reinforcing that only parents and carers should attend community sports activities where possible
  • Increasing signage in venue carparks and common entry points at outdoor venues
  • Making PA announcements at venues reminding people to minimise spectators to parents and carers where possible.

To assist in this process, Softball NSW will update our COVID-19 Safety Plan Template for use (Version2.0)– changes are highlighted for ease of implementation/adjustment.

Once you have reviewed and updated your COVID-19 Safety Plan, please communicate this information with your volunteers, clubs and participants.

Will this proposed reduction in spectators at community sport events result in changes at major recreation venues for semi-professional and ticketed matches?

Due to major recreation facilities already requiring a more extensive COVID-19 Safety Plan and the environment being more controlled than many community sport activities through measures such as ticketing and enclosed facilities, at this point in time there are no proposed changes for major recreation facilities.

Organisations using major recreation facilities for ticketed events are reminded of the importance of adhering to their COVID-19 Safety Plans, especially in relation to physical distancing of spectators and movement through common spaces such as bars, catering outlets and toilets.

Please remain vigilant

We all have a part to play in protecting ourselves and those we interact with. Thank you for your support in helping to keep our community COVID Safe.

NSW Health continue to monitor the situation and the Office of Sport will communicate any future changes to COVID-19 Safety Plans or Public Health Orders that impact community sport.

Further Information

If you have any questions on the above information contact Softball NSW Chief Executive Officer Daniel Rushworth via ceo@softballnsw.org.au or utilise the links below;

NSW Office of Sport
NSW Government