Softball Participation and Planning Announcement

Softball Participation and Planning Announcement

Following on from the COVID-19 advice provided to the community on March 18, Softball NSW is now able to provide the following updates to assist our Stakeholders, Associations, Clubs and Membership.

These updates are in-line with the current information provided for the COVID-19 pandemic. The timelines are in draft and we acknowledge that all information provided may change in the short to medium term. As such we will continue to provide weekly updates for our community on all aspects of our Sport and organisation.

We encourage our community to be diligent in their own safety and wellbeing and follow all government advice to assist in the slowing of the spread of COVID-19. The government, through NSW Health, has developed online resources to assist-these can be viewed here

Furthermore, the absence of participation and engagement of social and sport settings can also have detrimental impacts on an individual’s mental health and wellbeing. We recommend that the following resources/links be shared throughout the community to assist in combating these;

Softball Participation Update

The NSW Government has enacted several Public Health Orders which impact on the ability for Softball to be played or have training as per regular practices.

The government guidelines allow for people to go outside and exercise, although any form of exercise is to be undertaken in compliance with the Public Health Orders, meaning that people must not participate in groups greater than two persons at any point in time. This is in-line with the Public Health Orders as of the 30th March & 4th April.

Link: Public Health Orders 30th March             Public Health Orders 4th April

Maintaining the communities physical and mental well-being is now as important as ever. Where possible, we encourage families and residential share personnel to participate in unstructured training/exercise, this may include Softball activities. Should this occur, participants should ensure social distancing restrictions are followed and rules around public gatherings of no more than two people are complied with.

We do not recommend usual training or Association/Club based activities resume as these would breach the Public Health Orders.

We trust this information will help our Stakeholders, Associations, Clubs and Members to make informed decisions.

Office Operation Update & Staff Engagement

The Softball NSW Office is open and in operation in a remote sense. Softball NSW staff are available via email as well as via video conferencing upon appointment. The physical office will remain closed pending government advice.

Should you need to contact the office, please email or directly to the following staff members;

Winter Competitions, Membership and Eligibility

With the implementation of the Public Health Orders by the NSW Government, this has impacted the ability of several Associations to conduct their winter competitions. These Associations not delivering these competitions under normal circumstances cause issues in relation to membership, insurance, eligibility and first registration.

As such Softball NSW will be working with these Associations closely to ensure that a process is implemented that allows them to form and deliver a competition, formulate a reasonable financial membership structure based on the ability to deliver the said competition and develop reasonable eligibility and first registration steps.

Should theses Association’s not be able to deliver a competition, Softball NSW will be providing a membership structure that allows for pathway participation and access.

As an initial step, it is recommended that all participants for Winter competitions register without payment to their relative clubs.

The ongoing management process will be between the Softball NSW CEO and Association President or delegate.

For any questions on the included detail please contact Softball NSW CEO Daniel Rushworth via or 0487 888 550

2020 Events Reschedule Draft

The restructuring of the representative season has been drafted with the understanding that it is unlikely for the current government sanctions of self-isolation and social distancing to be lifted any earlier than the July-August period.

We acknowledge that this is speculative and that there are many unknown factors in determining when we as an organisation and a community can resume a resemblance of Softball participation. The timelines drafted also allow for Associations to offer proper selection/training opportunities and limit impact on their regular Saturday season.

With that in mind, we wanted to provide timelines that would assist the community towards planning for Softball NSW pathway events. These events are draft at present and Softball NSW reserves the right to advise of changes pending further government health and safety advice or sanctions.

EventPrevious DateRescheduled DateHost/Venue
Blacktown Junior International ChallengeMarch 21st-22ndCancelledBISP
Under 10 State ChampionshipsMarch 28th-29thDecember 5th-6thCumberland Nepean
Under 16 State ChampionshipsMay 2nd-3rdOctober 10th-11thGeorges River
35’s State ChampionshipsJune 6th-8thCancelledBISP
Under 18 Women’s State Championships*June 13th-14thSeptember 25th-27thBISP
Under 18 Men’s State Championships*June 27th-28thSeptember 25th-27thBISP
NSW Forum, Awards & AGMSeptember 5th & 6thSeptember 12th-13thTBA
Under 14 State ChampionshipsSeptember 19th-20thSeptember 19th-20th (No Change)Southern Districts
Blue Blaze GirlsSeptember 29th– October 1stSeptember 29th– October 1st (No Change)BISP
Open Women’s State Championships*October 3rd-5thOctober 2nd-5th (Slight Change)BISP
Blue Blaze BoysOctober 7th-8thOctober 7th-8thBISP
Open Men’s State Championships*October 10th-11thOctober 2nd-5thBISP
NSW Corporate GamesOctober 11thOctober 11th (No Change)Cumberland Nepean
Under 12 State ChampionshipsNovember 7th-8thNovember 7th-8th (No Change)Penrith


  • (*) Events highlighted may commence on the Friday evening pending event nominations at BISP
  • Blacktown Junior International Challenge: as per previous advice this event is cancelled due to the inability of international team attendance through government sanctions due to COVID-19. The event to be rescheduled in 2021.
  • 35’s State Championships Cancellation: The cancellation of this event is due to the inability of the event to be rescheduled because of various impacts. The proximity of the 2020 Pan Pacific Games (9th-15th November) and large participation that the event has with participants in this category was a consideration. Also, with the introduction of the inaugural 2021 National 35’s Championships to be scheduled in July 2021-venue to be confirmed by Softball Australia. As such SNSW will be holding their 35’s Championships for that selection campaign in early 2021. SNSW wanted to ensure that we provided the right opportunity in the right timeline and are mindful and extremely respectful of the associated costs and current economic climate that will impact participation and access.  

State, Development & Winter League Competitions

As per the included information and what has been scheduled for the future, this has and will impact the usual league structures. At present the Leagues are under review with the Technical Committee and Softball NSW Board. Further advice on the status of the Leagues will be advised at the end of May.

2020 NSW 23’s Teams

From the 2020 NSW 23’s Championships held at Campbelltown on February 22nd-23rd, Softball NSW had selected players into squads to attend final selection for the 2020 National Championships to be held in Queensland this July. As of the 6th April this event has now been cancelled on the advice of Softball Australia.

Further to this, Softball Australia recently advised that the 23’s National event series would be moved from the previous July timeline to;

  • 2021 23’s Women’s National Championships to be held in December 16-22 in 2020 in South Australia
  • 2021 23’s Men’s National Championships to be held in January 10-16 in 2021 in Victoria

With the movement of the events, Softball NSW will not be hosting another 23’s State Championship in 2020 to assist with another selection process. Instead, the squads that were selected from the February event will be utilised along with the 2020 Open Women’s and Open Men’s State Championships scheduled for October 2nd-5th in forming a new selection process. A new timeline will be advised for the 23’s State Championship for 2021 in due course.

For more information on the selection process please contact Operations and Event Manager Cathy Kerr via  

Strategic Engagement Workshop & Planning

Softball NSW had originally scheduled a Strategic Engagement Workshop for Sunday March 22, this was postponed due to the government sanctions and advice on safety and wellbeing of all attendees.  As such, Softball NSW will now be undertaking a different process to engage our community, through an online video conference process to assist in the strategic direction of our organisation.

The CEO and Development Team will be in contact with Associations and specific stakeholders to partake in this process in the coming months.

Questions & Clarification

For any questions on this memorandum please contact Softball NSW CEO Daniel Rushworth via or 0487 888 550.

Download: Memorandum Softball Participation and Planning Announcement