Return to Sport Confirmed

Return to Sport Confirmed

On a very gloomy Wednesday, our community received extremely positive news in relation to the return to play for both Adult and Junior participation. This announcement supersedes the earlier advice with only Junior Sport returning on July 1.

On radio station 2GB this morning, the NSW Sport Minister Geoff Lee announced the complete return to sport as of July 1 for both Junior and Adult participation.

He also advised that the frameworks and checklist that will be required are still being finalised and be available later this week. Once these frameworks and checklists are released, we will review these against our Association and Club resources to ensure compliance and then forward onto the community for implementation.

You can listen to the full interview here:

As mentioned, this is fantastic news for our sport, and this will now ensure that all planned activities will be able to be delivered in full at grassroots and throughout the pathway.

More information to follow in due course

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Download: Memo Return to Sport for all July 1