Return to Play and Training Update-May 8

Return to Play and Training Update-May 8

Softball NSW was pleased with the plans advised by Prime Minster of Australia Mr Scott Morrison and the Federal Cabinet on the gradual easing of restrictions today via the three-step process.

It is imperative to be aware that Softball NSW and our community are guided first and foremost by the NSW Government and their agencies; NSW Health and NSW Office of Sport on the return to community and representative play and training.

Our organisation will continue to work on our plans diligently for the return of Softball participation with those mentioned agencies and we will communicate with our community as soon as possible.

Further to this, during this afternoon’s announcement the Prime Minster also added once again the importance that the COVIDsafe App will play in the advertised three-step process, as such we strongly recommend that our community act on this in assisting in the return of community and representative Softball.

The COVIDSafe app is an important initiative in the Government’s plans to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and downloading the app is something you can do to protect you, your family and friends and save the lives of other Australians.

The health and wellbeing of all our participants is of paramount importance to us. We view this as not just an important this community health message that you can play a major role in but also an initiative toward getting us back on the diamonds.

The sooner we can stop the spread of COVID-19, the sooner restrictions will be lifted.

For Further information on this detail please contact; Softball NSW CEO Daniel Rushworth via

Softball NSW can also provide the following details which were released by Softball Australia this afternoon in relation the same Announcement.

Download: Memo: Return to Play and Training Update May 8



Returning to sport guidelines and softball

The Australian Federal Government recently met to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and establish guidelines for National Sporting Organisations to assist in the return of their respective sports.

Following the announcement today from the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, in which three steps to returning to a COVID-19 Safe Australia were outlined, Softball Australia would like to outline information relevant to our sport. 

National Principles for the resumption of Sport and Recreation activities (National Principles) have been adopted by the National Cabinet on the advice of the Australian Protection Principle Committee.

The National Principles are underpinned by the Australian Institute of Sport Framework for rebooting sport in a COVID-19 environment.

The AIS Framework is available for download by clicking here. The National Principles are also available for download by clicking here.

How the guidelines relate to softball

As per the AIS Framework, three levels of activity has been outlined, the AIS will determine when to move to level A, B or C.

Specifically outlined is softball with the AIS recommending the following:

Level A

Running/aerobic training (solo), resistance training (solo), skills training (solo).

Level B

Small group (not more than 10 athletes/staff in total) skills training.

Level C

Full training and competition.

Level A outlines individual training, while Level B allows for groups of 10 (including coaching staff) to interact under the criteria. Level C would see a return to regular competition and training while still following guidelines.

Softball Australia recommends following the guidelines under Level B for group training of no more than 10 participants.

Level B allows for ‘softball-centric’ training as under this level, equipment can be shared to an extent (eg. bats & balls, Softball Australia recommends not sharing gloves under this Level).

Under Level B, there is no socialising or group meals to precede or follow the physical activity.

Softball Australia will alert the community once the AIS have recommended Level B is actioned, however, participants should seek the information from their relevant State Government as restrictions can vary state-to-state.


Softball Australia recommends Clubs and Associations make themselves familiar with the AIS Framework and National Principles prior to resuming any competition/training.