Novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Event Updates & Association Advice

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Event Updates & Association Advice

Softball NSW has been closely monitoring information and advice as provided by the Federal and NSW Governments in relation to the coronavirus.

As of this afternoon, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy, advised federal and state governments to suspend all public gatherings of more than 500 people as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Council of Australian Governments had been told on Friday that such gatherings should be cancelled until further notice. Based on that advice, the Prime Minister said by Monday, the government would be advising against any “non-essential, organised gatherings of 500 persons or more”. “It is recommended to us that we move to a position by Monday (16th) that we advise against gatherings of 500 or more,” he said at a media conference on Friday afternoon where he spoke on behalf of the government, premiers and chief ministers.

With this advice now provided, Softball NSW has created the below information to assist both Affiliates and members;

Softball NSW Affiliate and Participant FAQ

1. What does this mean for Softball scheduled on March 14 & 15?

As per the government’s advice, scheduled activities can continue as per normal. As per the regular advice in relation to public safety, practice high-levels of hygiene, as per Australian Government guidelines

2. What does this mean for scheduled Softball activities after Monday March 16?

With this advice forthcoming from the federal and state government on Monday March 16, Softball NSW will provide an appropriate update and advice at that time.

3. What about the upcoming scheduled Softball NSW Events?

As per above, once the details are known of the government’s advice, Softball NSW will make final determinations at that time on the status of the following events scheduled for the short to medium term;

  • Blacktown Junior International Challenge BISP March 21-22
  • Softball NSW State 10’s Championships International Peace Park March 28-29
  • Softball NSW Affiliate Competitions

Should these events/competitions need to be adapted, cancelled or postponed due to a government-imposed ban, we will then work with the appropriate key stakeholders to discuss the situation and if possible, alternatives. We also acknowledge that given the open-ended pandemic at hand, a timeframe on rescheduling is very difficult to suggest with the unknown variables.

The possible adjustment/cancellation of these events and competitions is far from ideal from an athlete and organisation point of view, however, the health of our membership and their families is paramount.

If there are any questions in relation to this information, please make contact via

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