Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

Dear Valued Stakeholders & Members,

On behalf of the Board and Staff, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe during these very difficult and unprecedented times.

We would like to thank all of our Associations and Clubs in abiding by the recommendation on March 18th for all Associations and Members to cease/cancel all scheduled Softball participation and activity.

We appreciate and understand the implications on Associations and Clubs in either not completing and/or not even commencing their usual seasons. To replay or reschedule will be problematic and complex given the unknown schedule and sanctions placed on the community. Recommencing and rescheduling will be a project we will share with all Associations to achieve best outcomes for their membership.

At present nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our Softball Associations, Clubs, Members and their families. We implore that you do everything you can to look after each other, and to help slow the spread of COVID-19 across our wider community by following the social distancing advice, travel restrictions, hygiene practices and other measures in place. 

This is a time for us all to work together to maintain and manage our sport as best we can, and Softball NSW will continue to do everything we can to support Softball at the community level. To assist in this process, our Development Team will be liaising with all Associations and Clubs in offering that support. Your support will be vital, as we face the challenges that lay ahead, for that I thank you in advance.  

Softball NSW has committed to providing an update to the Softball community on Monday 6th April 2020. This will be followed by weekly updates to all Associations and Clubs.

We can all appreciate the level of detailed planning that is already progressing with Government and other key stakeholders to navigate the constantly shifting and complex operational, financial and other COVID-19 impacts for Softball from our grassroots and through to our pathway programs. Those effects are unprecedented, and we know will be significant for our organisation, but our Softball NSW Board and staff will continue to manage them in a measured and collaborative way.

Should there be any questions at this time please make contact via or 0487 888 550.

During this time, Softball NSW is encouraging the Softball community to follow public health information and procedures regarding containment of the spread of COVID-19. To assist we have provided the Health NSW link