Happy Holidays-Blue Blaze has them Buzzing!

Happy Holidays-Blue Blaze has them Buzzing!

The 2019 Girls Blue Blaze Festival is complete with 20 teams enjoying their school holidays displaying great sportsmanship, smiles and fantastic Softball.

Softball NSW would like to thank all of the participants, Clubs, Affiliates, Umpires and Coaches for participating in this spectacular development event.

Final Results

13 Girl’s Division

U13 North Shore 11 def Manly Development 9

15 Girls Division

U15 Sweet Heat Black 12 def Hurricanes 7

18 Girls Division

U18 Hit Squad 3 def Hills 2

Stay tuned…Next week will see the Boy’s Blue Blaze Competition get underway on Wednesday October 9 & Thursday October 10 at Softball NSW Stadium, Blacktown International Sportspark


U13 Draw/Results         Ladder

U15 Draw/Results          Ladder

U18 Draw/Results          Ladder

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For further information on this event please contact;

Event & Operations Manager-Cathy Kerr via operations@softballnsw.org.au