Good Luck Blue Bloods

Good Luck Blue Bloods

Happy New Year and Good Luck to the Blue Bloods playing at the National Championships in January.


Open Women and U17 Women start Sunday at BISP

U17 Men in Perth starting Sunday

The U19 Men and Women will be playing in Sydney and Brisbane starting January 17


NSW Open Women

Stacey Porter  (Tamworth) Captain

Stacey McManus (Sutherland) Vice Captain

Bianca Abrahams (Penrith City)

Ally Casey (Hornsby)

Michelle Cox (Manly Warringah)

Amelia Cudicio (North Shore)

Simone Freeman (North Shore)

Rachel Lack (North Shore)

Katherine McVeity (North Shore)

Kara Murphy (North Shore)

Kaia Parnaby (North Shore)

Jasmine Peters (Penrith City)

Sam Poole (North Shore)

Ellen Roberts (North Shore)

Taylah Tsitsikronis (Penrith City)

Head Coach – Kerrie Porter (North Shore)

Assistant Coach – Danica Howlett (Sutherland)

Assistant Coach – Gaye Ledingham (North Shore)

Administrator Chris Clough (Manly Warringah)

Statistician – Carolyn Buttsworth

NSW U19 Women

Madison Ashworth (Manly Warringah) – Vice Captain

Kelsey Griffen (Cumberland Nepean)

Chloe Holman (Hornsby)

Montana Kearnes (Wagga Wagga)

Shannon Keevers (Sutherland)

Ellie Lees (Central Coast)

Georgia Medcalf (Hornsby)

Molly Meenan (North Shore)

Caitlin Michels (Penrith City)

Nicole Michels (Penrith City)

Laura Passfield (Sutherland)

Gabrielle Plain (Macarthur)

Emily Read (Manly Warringah) – Captain

Maddison Smith (Macarthur)

Brianna Trim (Manly Warringah)

Natasha Young (Penrith City) – Vice Captain

Head Coach – John Neilsen (Hornsby)

Assistant Coach – John Black (North Shore)

Assistant Coach – Brett Kirk (Cumberland Nepean)

Assistant Coach – Rachel Zucchetti (Georges River)

Administrator – Sue Pobjie (Cumberland Nepean)

Statistician – Damaras Clarkson (Hornsby)

NSW U17 Women

Sophie Aitken (Sutherland)

Maddy Beard (Manly Warringah) – Captain

Anneliese Brenner (Sutherland)

Melanie Bulmer (North Shore)

Sarah Diener (Sutherland)

Emma Grant ( Penrith City)

Jade Hemaridis (Newcastle) – Vice Captain

Alana Kidd (Georges River)

Kandra Lamb (Hornsby)

Jenna Lennon (Sutherland)

Eliza Murphy (Penrith City) – Vice Captain

Anisha Sawaid (Manly Warringah)

Tarni Stepto (Manly Warringah)

Jenna Trim (Manly Warringah)

Shaylan Whatman (Penrith City)

Jessica Woolbank (Sutherland)

Head Coach – Bill Gates (Manly Warringah)

Assistant Coach – Chris Coleman (Penrith City)

Assistant Coach – Wayne Warren (Penrith City)

Administrator – Julie Commins (North Shore)

Statistician – Chris Fraser (Penrith City)

NSW U19 Men

Blake Bell (Macarthur)

Bradley Dunn (Penrith City)

Jacob Garland (Penrith City)

Chris Gillies (Macarthur)

Henry Groth (Macarthur)

Cody Hunt (Penrith City)

Angus Johnson (Penrith City)

Aiden Kennedy (Penrith City)

Hayden Little (Penrith City)

Isaac McDonald (Macarthur) – Captain

Robbie Moore (Macarthur)

Jack Noble (Penrith City)

Luke Ollerenshaw (Macarthur) – Vice Captain

Izack Rossi (Southern Districts)

Cameron Tamalie (Southern Districts)

Tai Whaanga (Campbelltown)

Head Coach – Adam Rindfleish (Macarthur)

Assistant Coach – Scott Rindfleish (Macarthur)

Assistant Coach – Wayne Wickens (Cumberland Nepean)

Administrator – Julie Rippon (Georges River)

Statistician – Maria Wakefield (Southern Districts)

NSW U17 Men

Luke Bellamy (Macarthur)

Josh Bond (Macarthur)

Bryce Calderon (Central Coast)

Logan Campbell (Southern Districts)

Jacob Donaldson (Penrith City)

Jarred Garland (Penrith City)

Daniel Harrison (Southern Districts)

Blake Jackson (Southern Districts)

Aiden Kelly (Orange)

Bradley Kilpatrick (Georges River)

Shaun Lanaghan (Penrith City)

Brady Moore (Macarthur)

Jack Morel (Campbelltown)

Chris Plain (Macarthur)

Mac Reith-Snare (Orange)

Thomas Zeylemaker (Penrith City)

Coach – Kathy Horton (Newcastle)

Coach – Chris Brownlow (Georges River)

Assistant Coach – Tony Jackson (Southern Districts)

Assistant Coach – Amy Wadwell (Georges River)

Administrator – Loretta Watts (Penrith City)

Statistician – Rhonda Schultz (Penrith City)