Community Advice for Under 16 State Championship Adjustment

Community Advice for Under 16 State Championship Adjustment

In a year that continues to provide challenges for the community at various levels requiring adjustment and flexibility at short notice, Softball NSW is now providing advice to the community in relation to the upcoming Under 16 State Championships which is due to be hosted by Georges River Softball Association.

As our community would be well aware, Softball like all community sport is limited to its delivery in ensuring that the capacity at any venue does not exceed 500 attendees. In relation to the specific State Championship this is simply not feasible considering that the event has 21 teams entered (13 Female and 8 Male). To deliver this event in it’s advertised structure would limit spectators to less than 5 in total per team and this is simply no acceptable from a participant or community expectation standpoint.

To ensure that this championship can be delivered and in line with NSW Health requirements, participant and spectator expectation, Softball NSW can advise the following adjustment to the delivery of the event;

The event will be split into two different locations;

  • The Under 16 Girls State Championship will be held on November 28 & 29 still at Georges River Softball Association (Kelso North Complex Henry Lawson Dr, Milperra NSW 2214)
  • The Under 16 Boys State Championship will be held on November 28 & 29 now at Softball Campbelltown (Milton Park, Macquarie Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565)

Softball NSW would like to thank the willingness, flexibility and understanding of the Committees of both Georges River Softball Association and Softball Campbelltown as well as the Umpires to ensure that event can proceed in the interest of providing a safe and positive experience for participants and spectators.

We certainly understand that this may provide challenges for some families and individuals that have participants involved in both categories in two separate locations, however the alternative to have very limited spectators was considered to be a far worse scenario. Those families and individuals that are impacted should note that the travel time between the two locations is 12 minutes by car.  

Furthermore, Softball NSW can advise that an updated draw will be provided to the community on Monday 23rd November. Further detail on the individual team limitation of spectators will also be provided to Team Managers at the event briefing also to be held on the evening of the 23rd November.

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