Coaching Reaccreditation

Softball Australia requires all accredited coaches to participate in a variety of educational activities to maintain their accreditation status. Coaches can update their accreditation by completing the next level of accreditation OR achieving a total of 100 points over four years.

To download your activity log, click here.

Once you have completed your activity log, you will also need to ensure you have completed the below:

Complete General Principles

Community Coach, level 1, level 2 and level 3

Complete Community Coach General principles

Level 4

Complete Intermediate General principles

Save the certificate after completion.

Complete Play by the Rules online

  • The Child Protection online training course
  • The Harassment and Discrimination online course

Save the certificate after completion.

Obtain a Working with Children Check

Apply for a Working With Children Check. 

Save the certificate verification.

Please then follow the link below to update your accreditation

Coaching Reaccreditation Form

You will require the all the below documents

  • Activity Log
  • General Principles
  • Both Play by the rules certificates
  • Working with children check

Pleaase note if the above certificates are still current, you do not need to complete them until they expire

Payment for the accreditation can also be made at time of upload