Blue Bloods Wrap Day 5

Blue Bloods Wrap Day 5

After Day 5 NSW has secured top spot in all 3 National Championships moving into the finals.The Firestars continued their outstanding hitting with wins over 2nd place SA Starz 10-2 in their first game of the day. Again the Firestars got the jump on their opposition by posting 2 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning with another 4 in the 2nd and 4 in the 4th. Hit came from Shannon Keevers (3 singles), Taylah Tsitsikronis (double), Stacey McManus (2 doubles), Tahli Moore (triple), Rachel Lack (single & double), Bianca Abrahams. Zara Masters only allow 5 hits in the 5 innings played.

Game 2 was vital for the ACT Diamonds needing a win to sneak into the top 4 but the Firestars didn’t allow ACT any runs across the plate and accumulate 9 of their own. Hits to Bianca Abrahams (2 doubles & single), Tahli Moore, Rachel Lack (Homerun & double), Emma Iuliano, Shannon Keevers, Taylah Tsitsikronis (Homerun), Stacey McManus (double), Jenna Trim.The top 4 was confirmed on Day 5 with the NSW Firestars, SA Starz, WA Flames and Vic Titans all making it through to play in the finals starting on Day 6. The surprise of the tournament came with the Qld Heat not making the top 4. The Firestars will take on SA Starz in the Major Semi Final. Good Luck Firestars !!

The U17 Women piled on 15 hits against ACT in their 9-0 win in their first game of the day. Hits to Madi Baker (single & triple), Amber Gunn (3), Alyssa Mighell (2), Emily Paull, Mackenzie Walker (double & 2 singles), Caitlin Wilde (single & triple), Jayde Jensen, Charli Orsini. Mia Gilmore and Geirgia Barton held the ACT Team to 1 hit in 5 innings. Game 2 was against the second placed SA who held NSW in the 1st innings but then the Blue Bloods got their bats going scoring 3 runs in the 2nd, 6 in the 4th and 2 in the 5th to record a 10-3 win. Grace Wrixon and Chali Orsini were strong on the pitcher’s plate only allowing 3 hits for the game. NSW hits came from Grace Wrixon, Jayde Jensen (single & double), Madi Baker (2), Keeley Lennon (2 triples), Nicole Connacher, Alyssa Mighell (triple) and Charli Orsini (triple). The U17 Women will play SA in the Major Semi Final.The

U17 Men still have 2 games to play on Day 6 but after Day 5 looks like they cannot lose the top spot on the ladder. Day 5 started with Victoria and after 2 scoreless innings NSW started to get their bats going with hits to Hayden Shaw, Jeremy Garland, Josh Banks (double & single), Zac Roberts, Ethan Field, Boston Lowe and Caden Keed for a 5-0 win. SA were next on the Blue Bloods hit list and while Jack Davies held the SA Team to only 1 hit it was the hitter who had 11 hits against the SA Pitcher. Hit to Zac Roberts (3), Jake Gleeson (2), Hayden Shaw (single & triple), Ethan Field (inside park homerun & homerun), Alexander Ruggeri (double & homerun). The boys still have 2 games to play against on Day 6 against Qld and WA before they head into the finals.

At the U15 Regionals Metro Orange came away with wins over WA Gold 6-1 and SA Red 13-0 to ensure the number 1 spot. Metro Green secured 2nd spot with wins over SA Blue 10-0 and 14-2. Country Gold had a tough day going down to WA White in a high scoring game 19-11 and Victoria 8-1. Metro Green will take on Qld Flames while Metro Orange await the outcome of that game and play the winner for a place in the grand final. Country Gold have another crack at WA White in the placing playoffs.

Photo Credit Gary Peacock