Blue Bloods Wrap Day 3 & 4

Blue Bloods Wrap Day 3 & 4

Day 3 & 4 has seen the NSW Men’s Team cement their place in the semi finals with an 11-0 win over SA and a 6-1 win over Victoria on Day 3.

On Day 4 the boys went down to Victoria 10-7 but beat Qld 11-8. The SA game was a game of team hitting piling on 11 runs with 9 hits. Hits to Callum Beashel (single & double), James Todhunter (2), James Darby (Homerun), Blake Bell, Liam O’Leary (infield homerun), Lachlan Hay (triple), Hayden Mathews (homerun).

Victoria took the fight to NSW on day 3 with the game remaining scoreless until the 3rd inning with NSW scoring 2 runs courtesy of a Hayden Mathews single and a Callum Beashel double followed up with James Todhunter single bringing in the 2 runs. Hits to Mitchell Brownlow and Lachlan Hay coupled with a sacrifice and some errors saw 3 runs across the plate. Victoria scored in the top of the 6th but NSW added another in the bottom with hits to Mitchell Brownlow and Callum Beashel (double).

The blues first game on Day 4 was against Qld with runs scored in most innings and going to a 9th innings tie breaker which sasw NSW score 3 in the 9th courtesy of a Lachlan Hay homerun. Hits in the game went to Callum Beashel, Aidan Kajan (2 doubles), Jayden Lach, Hayden Mathews, James Todhunter, Mitchell Brownlow (double) and Blake Bell (homerun).

Victoria took the lead early in the 2nd game on day 4 for NSW scoring in the 1st and 2nd before putting 6 runs on the board in the 4th to go to a 9-3 lead. NSW fought back with 3 runs in the 5th and another in the 6th before going down 10-7. Hits went to Callum Beashel, Nathan Dickinson (2 singles and a tripkle), Mitchell Brownlow (homerun), Liam O’Leary (double), James Todhunter (homerun) and Blake Bell.

Moving into Day 5 NSW sit 2nd on the ladder behind ACT and have WA and ACT to play.

The U15 Regionals continued with mixed results.

Country Gold had wins against Metro Orange 9-6, WA 14-6 and ACT 12-2 but a loss to Qld Thunder 18-1.

Metro Orange – win against Metro Green 4-3, SA 13-0 and Qld Storm 13-4 and a loss to NSW Country.

Metro Green – A win against WA 8-2 and losses to Qld Storm 11-4 and Metro Orange 4-3.

Coming into Day 5 Country Gold is sitting 3rd, Metro Orange 4th and Metro Green 6th.