Barrington, Freeman & Hyslop join Softball NSW Board

Barrington, Freeman & Hyslop join Softball NSW Board

Softball NSW held their Annual General Meeting on Sunday September 13th. The meeting would be the final act for longstanding Director and President Loretta Watts, as well as outgoing Directors James English and Christine Halpin. Each had advised prior to the AGM that they would not be seeking reappointment for their positions. Vice President Craig Oberg was seeking reappointment to the Board after his two-year appointment had expired as per the SNSW Constitution.

Softball NSW would like to thank each of these extremely dedicated Directors for their extensive time and effort on the SNSW Board, particularly in dealing with the challenges of the last 6 months that COVID-19 pandemic has provided.

Fortunately, each of the outgoing Directors will continue roles within the Sport which is extremely pleasing. Loretta Watts remains heavily involved with Penrith City Softball Association, Christine Halpin similarly with Newcastle Districts Softball Association and James English with umpiring.

Softball NSW would like to wish each success in their future endeavours.

Following the voting process nominees Jamie Barrington, Doug Freeman and Paige Hyslop have joined the SNSW Board along with returning Director Craig Oberg.

The 2020-2021 Softball NSW Board are as follows;

  • Chris Hall (2019-2021)
  • Donna Shaw (2019-2021)
  • Selwyn Williams (2019-2021)
  • Jamie Barrington (2020-2022)
  • Doug Freeman (2020-2022)
  • Paige Hyslop (2020-2022)
  • Craig Oberg (2020-2022)

Learn about the new Directors

Following the appointment of the New Directors in Jamie Barrington (JB), Doug Freeman (DF) and Paige Hyslop (PH) we are able to share some of their thoughts in joining the SNSW Board;

Why you have joined the Board?

JB: I have joined the Board as I have been in professional Sport for 20 years and I would like to help the sport become stronger and increase participation.

DF: I see the Board’s role over the next 5 years as critical to ensuring softball is sustainable longer term. I want to play a role in ensuring SNSW has the finances and resources to implement a strategy that guarantees that sustainability. I have been involved in softball administration at Manly for 16 years and have seen so many changes, mostly positive, over that period. I’m concerned however by the decline in player numbers in recent years and want to make a difference by implementing grassroots-based strategies to reverse that trend.

PH: I want to bring a new perspective to the Board and give back to the sport I love. 

What you are looking to achieve now that you have been appointed?

JB: To create new playing programs to help drive the sport in participation and reverse the decline. Also to enhance all the High performance programs and pathways for Players coming through the sport.

DF: Develop & implement a practical SNSW strategy that is supported by, and focused on, grass roots softball clubs/associations. Assist Daniel as CEO to create an effective SNSW business from a governance, risk and financial perspective, with the necessary resources to successfully implement the strategy. Implement strategies to arrest the decline in player numbers. Improve communication to players, clubs and associations. Lift the profile of Softball in NSW

PH: Recruitment & retention should be our focus to set a positive trajectory on participation in our sport. I hope to raise the public profile of softball so acquaintances and colleagues don’t ask ‘How was baseball on the weekend?’

What drives your passion for Softball?

JB: I have enjoyed every minute on and off the diamond in this sport, it builds friendships for life. I have always been involved in sport and always want to give back.

DF: Softball has been a key part on my life for 24 years. I have so many friends in the sport and in fact met my wife when coaching her team. I love the game and want it to be successful into the future.

PH: I’ve played Softball for 23 years and been given numerous opportunities to travel and meet lifelong friends. I want others to have the same opportunity and feel the same way I do about Softball.

Anything additional you would like to ad for the Members of Softball NSW?

JB: Started a Facebook Live Show called the ‘Round Up with Mo and JB’ on Sunday evenings to help lift the profile of the Sport across Australia.

DF: I would happily receive feedback, suggestions and comments from anyone in the softball community. I recognise my perspective is limited to my experiences and hence I would value assistance from others as well. We all love our softball, let’s make it great again.

PH: I look forward to being challenged in this role.