2021 SNSW Open Women’s State Championship Date Change & 2022 Under 23 Men’s & Women’s Selection Advice

2021 SNSW Open Women’s State Championship Date Change & 2022 Under 23 Men’s & Women’s Selection Advice

Softball NSW wishes to advise of changes to the originally scheduled Open Women’s State Championship for 2021, as well as selection advice for the 2022 Under 23 National Championship Men’s and Women’s teams.

2021 NSW Open Women’s State Championship Date Change

The SNSW Board reviewed recommendations provided by the SNSW High Performance and Pathways Sub Committee in adjusting the date of the Open Women’s State Championship.

The Open Women’s State Championship was scheduled to be played on October 2-4 at the Softball Centre, Blacktown International Sportspark. We can now advise that the new dates for this event are August 13-15 (Friday evening to be used only if necessary) at the Softball Centre, Blacktown International Sportspark.

The rationale for the change is to allow for a timelier selection process and necessary squad/team preparation for the 2022 NSW Open Women’s and 2022 Under 23 National Championships.

The benefits of these changes include:

  • Ensuring that all State Teams have a minimum of 12 weeks preparation prior to the National Championships. If the original dates remained, this could not occur for either of the Open Women’s or Under 23 Women’s State Teams.
  • The change improves the opportunity for potential access of athletes that are on Summer break from the collegiate system.
  • The change also allows the appropriate review of performance of athletes in both Championship and Squad settings.

As the community would be aware, the cancellation of the National Championships of 2021 have created significant disruption to our pathway athletes, and through these changes this will allow for better preparation and coordination.

National Open Women’s Olympic Athletes

Further to this, athletes that are involved in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic program will only need to submit their 2022 State Teams Expression of Interest to be viewed for consideration of state representation.

It is acknowledged that the Open Women’s State Championships will occur whilst these athletes are possibly still in quarantine after returning from Tokyo. As these athletes are on ‘higher duties’ they will be provided with an exemption to not participate in the 2021 Open Women’s State Championships once their EOI is submitted.

2022 NSW Under 23 State Team Selection Advice

Following the cancellation of the 2021 Under 23 National Championships, and with the new dates of these same 2022 Championships to be held in December 2021 (Women’s) and January 2022 (Men’s), this has created the unique situation where selection of State Teams will need to occur without a relative age State Championship.

SNSW are unable to rollover the 2021 NSW Under 23 teams selected due to athletes making themselves either available or unavailable due to the original schedule of the National Championships in July 2021.

As such, the following process will be utilised for the 2022 SNSW Under 23 State Team Selection:

  1. Athletes will need to submit an Expression of Interest via the online form (this is due to be released Friday 7 May 2021).
  2. Athletes will then attend a camp on July 31 and August 1 at the Softball Centre, Blacktown International Sportspark.
  3. Athletes will then be finally reviewed at the 2021 Open Men’s State Championships (August 7-8) and Open Women’s State Championships (August 13-15) both to be held at the Softball Centre, Blacktown International Sportspark.
  4. NSW Squads/Teams will be selected following the completion of the relative Open State Championship.
  5. Final Teams will be selected no later than Friday 3 September 2021.

With acknowledgement of the above, SNSW can advise that the 2022 SNSW Under 23 State Championships date is being reviewed and will be moved from the current February window. The final calendar for 2022 will be provided to the community in July 2021.

Updated State Championships Schedule/Timelines

The remaining 2021 State Championship dates are as follows:

State ChampionshipDatesLocation
Under 18 State Championships12-14 June 2021Blacktown International Sportspark
Under 16 State Championships24-25 July 2021Jacqui Osmond Reserve (SDSA)
Open Men’s State Championship7-8 August 2021Blacktown International Sportspark
Open Women’s State Championship13-15 August 2021Blacktown International Sportspark
Under 14 State Championships18-19 September 2021Kelso Park (GRSA)
Under 12 State Championships6-7 November 2021Jack Brabham Park (ODSA)

Updated administration timelines for participating Associations can be found here: Softball NSW State Championship Timelines 2021

More Information

For further information here please contact the following personnel:

Download: 2021 SNSW Open Women’s State Championship Date Change & 2022 Under 23 Men’s & Women’s Selection Advice