2019 Development & Winter Leagues Information

2019 Development & Winter Leagues Information

Softball NSW is now inviting teams to enter the 2019 Development and Winter Leagues

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Development League DRAFT Regulations

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Winter League DRAFT Regulations

The regulations are for consultation and will be settled by 14 March 2019. SNSW Technical Committee representatives will be available to discuss any proposals to change these regulations at 7pm on Thursday 7 March 2019 at Blacktown International Sportspark. We ask that team/affiliate representatives advise us by 5pm on Tuesday 5 March (1) whether they are available to attend the meeting on 7 March and (2) whether they would like to put forward any proposals to change the regulations (and which League those proposals relate to). Please send proposals or notification of attending on March 7 to genmanager@softball.net.au

If there are no proposed changes, the meeting will not be required and the Technical Committee will provide a final copy of the regulations as soon as possible.