2019 Boy’s PSSA Wrap

2019 Boy’s PSSA Wrap

A great couple of days in Tamworth for the Boy’s PSSA Championship.

13 teams participated with Sydney West coming out on top.

The final placings were:

1st Sydney West

2nd Mackillop

3rd Riverina

4th Sydney North

5th Sydney South West

6th North Coast

7th Polding

8th Sydney East

9th CIS

10th Western

11th South Coast

12th North West

13th Hunter

The 2019 PSSA Team was selected during the championship and named at the Presentation. Congratulations to the following players;

Austin Gooden (Riverina), Parker Cameron (Mackillop), Josh Nati (Sydney North), Lachlan Heap (Sydney North), Mason Malkoun (Mackillop), Maikera Thompson-Te Tana (Sydney West), Ben Hodsdon (Sydney South West), Ethan Bickel (Sydney South West), Jonathan Fabar (Sydney West), Jake Gaffney (Sydney South West), Ryan Chou (Sydney North), Nick Sinclair (Sydney West), Theresa Miloar (Student Umpire), Todd Maiden (Student umpire), Bethany Lever (Student Umpire), Susan Brasier (Coach), Melanie Currie (Manager)