2019-2020 Softball NSW Board Announced

2019-2020 Softball NSW Board Announced

Softball NSW held their 73rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday September 8th at West HQ. The AGM was also coupled with the Association Annual Conference and Annual Awards Dinner.

The AGM saw long serving Board Member and former President Frances Crampton retire along with Vice President Dianne McGowan and Board Member Krissi Travers.

Softball NSW would like to acknowledge and thank each of Frances, Dianne and Krissi for their outstanding contributions to the Board across their tenure.

Both Frances and Krissi will continue to play a critical role for the Softball NSW Board with the Softball Australia One Management process and report from their relative appointments on sub-committees.

As per the Softball NSW Constitution and AGM process, nominations were received from Donna Shaw (Cumberland Nepean Softball Association) and Selwyn Williams (Georges River Softball Association) who were previously appointed to the Softball NSW Board for 2018-2019 for specialised portfolios. Both were returned as regular Board Members through the voting process.

Also, through the same process, Chris Hall from Wagga Wagga Softball Association was elected and will now fill the final position on the Softball NSW Board.

Congratulations to Donna, Selwyn and Chris on their appointments!

The 2019-2020 Softball NSW Board;

President: Loretta Watts

Vice President: Craig Oberg

Finance Director: Christine Halpin

Board Member: Chris Hall

Board Member: Donna Shaw

Board Member: James English

Board Member: Selwyn Williams

Further information including the AGM Minutes and Actions Items will be provided to the Membership in the coming weeks.

Additional information around this communicate can be sort through the Softball NSW CEO Daniel Rushworth at ceo@softballnsw.org.au