2018 Under-19s Australian Championships – Day 5 Wrap

2018 Under-19s Australian Championships – Day 5 Wrap

We’re at the pointy end of the under-19 national championships with our finalist worked out.

Still alive in the women’s is Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia, while NSW, Queensland, ACT and Victoria will contest the men’s finals.

The women’s preliminary rounds finished last night with Queensland remaining unbeaten with a 15-0 win over Western Australia helping them into the finals. Queensland have had the edge over NSW so far and have given the Bluebloods their two losses in the competition so far. South Australia and Victoria claimed a win each on the day to seal a place in the playoffs. ACT and Western Australia will also play for position tomorrow afternoon.

Similarly to the Queensland women, the NSW men stayed undefeated and claimed a 15-0 win over Victoria. Queensland and the ACT are still on even points, although ACT will play NSW first thing tomorrow morning. The result will likely decide the final preliminary standings. The men have one more round to complete tomorrow morning with two games each before the finals start. A Victorian win over Western Australia also sealed their place in the finals.

After five days of action and an Australia Day fireworks display, the finals will begin tomorrow at 5.30pm with the women’s finals, before the men’s at 8pm. Matches start at 10am tomorrow morning.

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Results – Day 5


Fixtures – Day 6 – Saturday, January 27, 2018


Mens – NSW Vs ACT
Mens – Western Australia Vs Queensland


Mens – NSW Vs Western Australia
Mens – Victoria Vs Queensland


Mens – ACT Vs Victoria
Womens – ACT (5) Vs Western Australia (6)


Womens – SF1 – Queensland (1) Vs NSW (2)
Womens – SF2 – Victoria (3) Vs South Australia (4)


Mens – SF1 – NSW (1) Vs Queensland/ACT (2)
Mens – SF2 – Queensland/ACT (3) Vs Victoria (4)