2018 Under-19s Australian Championships – Day 2 Wrap

2018 Under-19s Australian Championships – Day 2 Wrap

The teams are settling into a close under-19s championships following a tight second day of the under-19s national championships.

A win in the top-of-the-table clash has given Queensland the lead in the women’s Elinor McKenzie Shield as the side remain undefeated after four games. The NSW men also remain unbeaten in the men’s Nox Bailey Shield.

It was a day of close matches with several close victories. In the women’s competition, Victoria claimed its first win of the tournament with a 10-8 victory over Western Australia. WA led 8-4 at the top of the fourth but four runs in the fifth and two more in the sixth got Victoria home. South Australia held off a determined ACT 7-6, who hit two runs in the seventh but couldn’t get over the line.

The ACT women had a tight second game as well, taking the points against Western Australia following a 14-13 win to stay in the top four. Victoria were full of confidence and pushed NSW, before the Bluebloods took the 4-2 win. But Queensland sounded a warning to the competition with a 4-1 win over NSW in a clash of the competition’s previously unbeaten teams.

In the men’s competition, NSW and Queensland asserted their dominance in the early games before facing off to close off the night. The lead changed hands throughout until NSW had a three-run fifth inning to take a 6-4 lead. Queensland hit back with a three-run home run to Owen Thompson but NSW took the win with two late runs, making the crowd go wild and sealing the 8-7 victory.

The ACT and Victoria lit up the main diamond with a tense clash through the afternoon. ACT got out to a 4-1 lead at the top of the fourth. At the bottom of the fourth, Victoria hit two runs. With both sides working hard for the win, Victoria’s Matthew Beach and ACT’s Jeron Tan pitched the final three innings. Neither conceded a hit with ACT hanging on for the win. Victoria were also involved in a high scoring game against Western Australia, finishing with a 22-11 Victorian win in a match that lasted more than three hours.

The competition is proving to be close with all winning teams forced to work for the victory. With jostling for position becoming more important as the week wears on, every result will be important.

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Results – Day 2



Fixtures – Day 3 – Wednesday January 24, 2018


Womens – Western Australia Vs NSW
Womens – Queensland Vs ACT


Womens – South Australia Vs Victoria
Mens – Western Australia Vs ACT
Mens – Queensland Vs Victoria


Womens – Queensland Vs Victoria
Womens – Western Australia Vs ACT
Mens – Victoria Vs NSW


Womens – South Australia Vs NSW
Mens – Queensland Vs ACT
Mens – Western Australia Vs NSW