2018 Award Winners Announced

2018 Award Winners Announced

280 people attended the State Teams Dinner on Wednesday December 5 at West HQ.

Congratulations to the following recipients of the awards.

Male Athlete of the Year – Hayden Mathews

Hayden was a dominant force in Men’s Softball in 2018. Starting the year as part of the winning NSW Men’s Team who took out the John Reid Shield including hitting a homerun in the final. Hayden played for Kitchener Hallman Twins at the ISC Tournament and then returned to have a strong State League and State Championship where his team Southern Districts claimed the crown.

Female Athlete of the Year – Kaia Parnaby

Kaia pitched the NSW Firestars to victory at the 2018 National Championship and just got better as the year went on. At the Asia Pacific Cup Kaia ensured that the international hitter were kept at by then Kaia pitched for the SGH Team in Japan where her ERA was 1.41 for the season. Kaia had an outstanding World Championship after having to be relied on heavily to do most of the pitching work throughout the Championship.

Youth Male Athlete of the Year – Shaun Lanaghan

Shaun received the Pitching Award at the 2018 Australian Championships which led to him being selected in the Junior Steelers Team for the World Championship. At the world championship Shaun was outstanding on the mound and held the strong Japanese Team to allow Australia to advance to the final and eventually win the World Title. After a strong State League season Shaun was selected into the NSW Open Men’s Team.

Youth Female Athlete of the Year – Tarni Stepto

At the age of 19 Tarni was selected into the Aussie Sprit Team for the World Championship after strong performances at the Asia Pacific Cup and U19 Australian Championship. Tarni received the Pitching Award for the 2018 State League Season and pitched for Manly Warringah in their win over Sutherland in the Open Women’s State Championship.

Official of the Year – Rowena Whittle

Rowena was the Statistician for the victorious NSW Firestars in addition to being selected as the Statistician for the Aussie Spirit Team at the World Championship. Rowena led the Statisticians at the Asia Pacific Cup in addition to developing National Scoring Programs.