2017 NSW Open Men’s Team Announced

2017 NSW Open Men’s Team Announced

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in the 2017 NSW Open Men’s Team.

James Brownlow (Georges River)

Mitchell Brownlow (Southern Districts)

Mitchell Dabinett (Campbelltown)

James Darby (Macarthur)

Nathan Dickinson (Georges River)

Lachlan Hay (Georges River)

Aidan Kajan (Southern Districts)

Jayden Lach (Georges River)

Hayden Mathews (Southern Districts)

Liam O’Leary (Southern Districts)

Kieran O’Leary (Southern Districts)

Harrison Peters (Macarthur)

James Todhunter (Macarthur)

Ryan Tranter (Newcastle)

Joel Wards (Macarthur)

Peter Wards (Macarthur)

The first training for this team will be Tuesday October 25 at the NSW Softball Centre starting at 6:30pm