2017 Clubs NSW Regional Academy Games

2017 Clubs NSW Regional Academy Games

The 2017 Clubs NSW Regional Academy Games was held on the Central Coast over the weekend with Softball being one of 9 sports to participate in the event.

The Boys winners were South West Academy of Sport who defeated Western Sydney Academy of Sport in a hard fought, big hitting final 8 runs to 3.

The Girls Final provided a high scoring and exciting final with the scores locked at 10 all going into the 7th where Hunter Academy of Sport posted 1 run in the top of the innings and kept Northern Met scoreless in the bottom of the 7th to run out winners 11-10.

Thank you to Central Coast Softball Association for hosting a great weekend.

Thank you to Clubs NSW for their support of the event as well as extending their partnership with the Regional Academies. Read More CLUBSNSW RAMPS UP ITS COMMITMENT TO REGIONAL SPORT

Day 1 Photos

Day 2 Photos




Northern Met 11 def Southern Sports 1

Hunter 7 def Southern Met 4

Southern Sports 4 def Southern Met 2

Northern Met 8 drew with Hunter 8

Northern Met 9 def Southern Met 6

Hunter 2 def Southern Sports 0

Semi Finals

Hunter 7 def Northern Met 3

Southern Met 10 def Southern Sports 2

Preliminary Final

Northern Met 11 def Southern Met 5


Hunter 11 def Northern Met 10


Western Sydney 12 def Southern Met 0

Sydney South West 13 def Southern Met 1

Sydney South west 4 def Western Sydney 2

Western Sydney 10 def Hunter 2

Sydney South West 7 def Hunter 0

Hunter 7 def Southern Met 5

Semi Final

Hunter 4 def Southern Met 3

South West Sydney 5 def Western Sydney 3

Preliminary Final

Western Sydney 6 def Hunter 4


South West Sydney 8 def Western Sydney 3